Our origins...

Insight Pharma Services is an ICT company founded in 2008. We provide products and services to the medical and pharmaceutical branches, including:
    - Pharmacies
    - Medical professional associations
    - Pharmacists/Chemists
    - Dentists
In addition, we provide products and services to individual patients/medicine users, our most important customers.

Insight Pharma Services BV is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company. Information security is incorporated in all our business processes and ensures the security of personal information for our customers. The certification process encompasses many facets within the company, from access to our company building to our data access. It is important our customers feel safe on our platform and are supported by reading and sharing experiences in medicine use. We hope to achieve this goal with a certified business processes.
Read the complete press release here or look at our certificate.


Our first platform enables our customers to share experiences in the use of medicines with others and enables them to advice each other in medicine use.

meamedica platform

Following the successful launch of the platform in The Netherlands, we have launched similar platforms in other countries so as to reach and serve even more customers.


meamedica|dental is a program for dental health professionals, which enables them to conduct digital anamnesis, view medical dental health interactions and collect and safely generating prescriptions. This program is incorporated in several dental information systems.


Our goal is to provide information and increase patient safety. To this end we have created a service to ensure that manufacturers of medicines are informed on the effects, side effects and the experiences in medicine use. This service contributes to the safety of medication!